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Welcome to Student Growth Objectives

Our Board of Education has set ambitious goals for our students over the next 5 years. Improving student performance is the single most important job of Denver Public Schools and every educator in our district. . In order to meet those goals, we must all join together and work with a laser-like focus on student achievement. Improving the practice of setting rigorous Student Growth Objectives (SGO’s) will help us move our students in the right direction.

The practice of setting student growth objectives is the cornerstone of the district’s emphasis on using assessment results to guide instruction. Research has found that educators who set high quality objectives, as defined by the rubric in the SGO Handbook, often realize greater improvement in student performance. 

Teacher objective setting is a collaborative activity between principals and teachers. Experience and research show that the objective-setting process has the greatest impact on student learning when teachers and principals use it to think through the classroom practices that are having a positive impact on student growth. Initially, the conversation creates focus. Throughout the year, it leads to reflection on student academic progress and classroom practice. At the end of the year or semester, it provides an opportunity for teachers and their principals to sum up how well students have done.

When teachers and principals collaborate to set objectives, the process is based on a reasonable and routine procedure. Principals are to make every effort to ensure that it is uniform for all faculty members, and through professional conversation with faculty members, focused on educational expectations for the upcoming year. Setting objectives also offers teachers and student services professionals an excellent opportunity to collaborate with their peers and supervisors through the discussion of student needs, appropriate assessments, and instructional strategies. 

This year we want to place a renewed focus on developing rigorous SGO’s. It can and will make a difference for the students of the Denver Public Schools.


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